The Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Residential Rehabilitation Network (ADARRN) Model of Care

The ADARRN Model of Care (AMoC) represents the collective wisdom and expertise of Aboriginal community-controlled residential rehabilitation services. Each service has a unique and discrete blend of approaches and modalities, with the shared core concept that culturally-informed practice and cultural identity forms the basis of healing for Aboriginal people.

This webinar was presented on Thursday 30th May 2024 by Aaron Moore, Program Manager for The Glen and Danielle Manton, Lecturer at University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Faculty of Health’s Indigenous Health Discipline – Girra Maa. This webinar covers:

(i) An overview of the ADARRN Model of Care (AMoC)

(ii) How the ADARRN Model of Care (AMoC) supports the unique cultural protocols, responsibilities and approaches to care provided by ADARRN member services.

(iii) Examples/use cases of the ADARRN Model of Care (AMoC) in local contexts.

This information in this webinar is relevant to health workers, researchers, and the general community.

Download the PDF handout for this webinar  and watch recording below. 

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