Meth and Sex: What Does The Law Say?

A webinar explaining Australian law regarding sexual consent and its relationship to methamphetamine ("ice") intoxication. This webinar is specifically designed for people who use methamphetamine as well as alcohol and other drug workers who may need to respond to sexual assault disclosures on the job. This webinar discusses sensitive topics, if this raises any issues for you please contact 1800 respect or Lifeline on 13 11 14.

This webinar covered:
• The connections between methamphetamine use, sexual behaviour and risk of sexual violence.
• An overview of the elements of rape and sexual assault in all Australian States and Territories.
• The impact of methamphetamine intoxication on sexual consent under Australian law.
• The impact of methamphetamine use on the assessment of criminal culpability.

This information will be relevant to people who use methamphetamine, health workers and the general community. 

This webinar was presented on Friday 12th of May at 12-1pm (AEST) by Jarryd Bartle, an Associate Lecturer within Criminology and Justice Studies at RMIT University. A former criminal lawyer and drug policy consultant, Jarryd specialises in legal issues relating to illicit drugs and sexuality, including the limits of consent under the criminal law.

Download the PDF handout for this webinar  and watch recording below. 

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