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Face-to-face Ice Training

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Summary: 360Edge offers practical tailored face-to-face training for AOD and other health workers and services anywhere in Australia who work with people who use such as crystal methamphetamine ('ice').

Practical clinical workshops include:

  • Beyond the tip of the iceberg: Responding to methamphetamine use. For frontline workers wanting to improve their response to clients who use methamphetamines and reduce stress associated with this work.
  • Breaking the ice: Tailoring CBT and MI for methamphetamine. For specialist AOD workers wanting to adapt CBT and MI to their work with clients using methamphetamine.
  • On thin ice: Creating a methamphetamine-responsive service. For service managers and team leaders wanting to make their service ready for and responsive to methamphetamine related issues.
  • Cracks in the ice: Working with families. For anyone working with families of people who use methamphetamine who want to learn how to work more effectively with family members.

Free ice training for frontline workers is also available in Victoria as part of the state’s Ice Action Plan.

All workshops can be tailored to your organisation’s needs. For more information please see the 360Edge workshops flyer or visit the 360Edge training website.

Developers: 360Edge.

Costs: Free training available for frontline workers in Victoria. For other workshops (available across Australia) please contact the training organisers (, 1300 988 184) to discuss costs and details.

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Page last reviewed: Monday, 1 February 2021