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Parent information: What you need to know about drugs and alcohol

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This information booklet provides parents with evidence-based information about drugs and alcohol as well guidance on how to protect their children against drug and alcohol related harms.

Summary: This information booklet is part of a series developed for teachers, parents and students. The Parent booklet was developed to provide:

  • Accurate evidence-based information about drug and alcohol use and the associated effects
  • Information about how to help someone who has taken a drug
  • Guidance on how to talk to a young person about drugs and alcohol, and ways parents can protect young people from drug and alcohol related harms.

Access the teacher booklet.

Access the student booklet.

Developers: This booklet series was funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care and developed by:

Year: 2019

Costs: Free

Evidence baseThis resource has undergone expert review.

Page last reviewed: Tuesday, 1 August 2023