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It is impossible to break ice dependence
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Summary: These online courses are aimed at practitioners wanting an introduction, or further training, in the methods of Motivational Interviewing (MI). MI is an evidenced-based technique that focuses on increasing motivation to change behaviour. This training may be helpful for keeping individuals affected by ice (crystal methamphetamine) engaged in treatment.

Three different courses are available, depending on skill level:

  • MiOnline: an introductory course applicable to a variety of settings, including drug addiction.
  • MI in Healthcare Online: an introductory course specifically suited to practitioners in healthcare settings working with patients who have chronic conditions.
  • Advanced MiOnline: higher level training for those who already have an introductory level working knowledge of MI.

Courses include online reading material, worksheets, learning exercises, quizzes, video clips, personalised feedback and a certificate of completion.

Developers: Pacific Centre for Motivation and Change, Australia.


  • MiOnline - $495 (approximately 15 hours)
  • MI in Healthcare Online - $495 (approximately 18 hours)
  • Advanced MiOnline - $385 (approximately 10 hours)

Evidence base: Yes

Page last reviewed: Wednesday, 11 April 2018