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Guidelines for Frontline Workers: Amphetamine Assessment and Management

This resource is by St Vincent's Hospital.

These guidelines assist frontline workers with assessment and management of patients presenting with amphetamine-type intoxication.

Summary: These guidelines provide basic information for frontline workers in hospitals on how to assess and manage patients presenting with amphetamine-type intoxication (including crystal methamphetamine 'ice' intoxication), as well as guidelines for longer-term management and intervention.

The guidelines include information to assist with:

  • Assessing whether a client is experiencing intoxication, toxicity or
  • Managing medical complications
  • Dealing with amphetamine-induced behavioural disturbances
  • Identifying patterns of use, comorbidities and risk factors for individual clients
  • Planning interventions and treating clients of different dependency levels

Developers: These guidelines were developed by Nexus (Concurrent Mental Illness & Substance Use Advisory Service), a component of the Victorian Dual Diagnosis Initiative (VDDI) at St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne.

Year: 2014

Costs: Free

Evidence baseThis resource has undergone expert review.

Page last reviewed: Tuesday, 5 July 2022